Smarter Coatings Rendering are an Andura Registered Contractor within the UK.  The excellence of Andura products provide buildings with high quality, weather resistant, microporous  coatings that are installed to high standards by our workmen. Smarter Coatings Rendering differ from local tradesman, not only are we approved Andura contractors but we can offer customers Wethertex products - this gives our customers additional choice and flexibility within the finish and final colour choice. The finish and texture options vary greatly, during the property survey  potential customers are given the opportunity to look through the full range of Andura and Wethertex finishes to ensure the correct selection is made for the type of property to be worked upon. Andura products protects and transforms the appearance of your home, it is used on a variety of building types from new builds to listed buildings.  It has colour stability meaning it is unlikely to fade, it is weatherproof and microporous. The quality products manufactured by Wethertex offer 19 coloured pastel shades that will compliment any building whilst the waterproof re-pointing mortar is available in a selection of 7 colours, therefore complimenting the pre-existing brickwork.  
Oh, it’s Damp! Upon discovery of damp, reactions can range from mild annoyance to blind panic. But when approached logically it is not that big of a deal. We use the latest infra-red technology in order to eliminate the guesswork and potentially the cost of carrying out work that is not really needed. There are only three types of damp; rising damp, condensation and penetrating damp. We can help you tackle all three! We can help you tackle rising damp through measures such as roofing felt, a chemically injected system or even an electrical device. Or do you have penetrative damp? This usually occurs when the exterior wall becomes worn and sodden. Our systems help you to tackle damp and guard against its return. Get in touch today and you could soon feel the benefits of dry walls, both in terms of comfort and cost saving on heating bills, which will obviously help to offset the initial investment.
Are your exterior walls damaged? If your exterior walls need professional attention then we are the company for you. We can remove blown Tyrolean, render or pebbledash. We also grind and fill cracks. We even replace failed damp proofing courses! Get in touch today for a free quote or an initial surface inspection - before any work starts – where we will discuss the level of work required and possible time scales.
Exterior Wall Rendering Are you looking for someone to render your exterior walls? Whether you are looking to render from scratch or repair your existing Tyrolean, render or pebbledash, we can help. We are experts in all types of rendering. Click here to view a selection of the render types that we specialise in. We pride ourselves in providing a long-lasting wall coating that both protects your walls and looks great. The key point about any render project is CONTEXT and so what is fine for one project may be wholly unsuitable for another. With that in mind we are able to fit lime render, sand and cement (although long life applications are limited), as well as acrylic, K Rend, silicone render or through colour render. Where strength and durability is the main requirement we can also supply glass reinforced copolymer. So we really can deal with any situation. Preparation is of course key before embarking on any rendering project, so that the finish isn’t compromised. We understand fully that cost is high on the list of priorities when deciding to embark on any home improvement project and so we not only pride ourselves on the high standard of our craftsmanship but also on the value for money that our services represent.Get in touch today for a free quote!
Damp can be a potentially serious problem for many houses and cause numerous health issues for young and old alike.  To fully diagnose the problem of damp, the root cause must be found and identified as the key issue.  There could be a problem with the waterproofing of the house or possibly an issue with the structure of the property. We are able to identify problems surrounding the Damp Proof Course and can offer services that rectify the problem. By injecting the Dryzone system it reinstates the Damp Proof Coursing into the mortar bed.  Once diffused along the mortar bed the patented high strength silicone based cream cures to form a breathable water-repellent resin.
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The benefits of Smarter Coatings Rendering Ltd

Quotations provided are based upon the size of the building and the type of work required to complete. We do allow for flexibility and discuss pricing on an individual basis to ensure the quote suits the property.

We are a Registered Wethertex and Andura Contractor within the UK.
Ability to install Dryzone DPC and install belldrip bead where required.
The coatings are weatherproof, microporous and sustain colour.
15 year guarantee provided at the end of each job.
No external subcontractors used, family based company ensuring customer knows who carried out works.
We ensure coatings remain flexible therefore not prone to chips, flaking or peeling.
We have an excellent understanding of the exterior coating industry.
We have over 35 years experience in our field.
Pride is taken within restoration and repair work, extensions are made uniform with the property.
We work on residential and commercial buildings.
Specialist application techniques are required for the products used, customers are ensured of a dedicated team that update skills on a regular basis.
Flexibility within quotes, discounts offered for multi properties or to landlords of large properties.
We are part of the Checkatrade trusted traders group, customers are able to check up to date feedback on all of our work.
We have been selected to appear in the regional crime prevention magazine as a trusted trader and aiming at pushing out rogue traders
We can damp proof both the interior and exterior of your property.
We are DBS checked, our crews all wear our uniform and all vans are sign written.
Customers are continuingly updated on the progress of our works
We offer discounts to properties completed in the same street and discounts to adjacent properties being quoted and completed at the same time.
We do not charge a minimum set fee, we charge on the basis of the size and requirements of the property.
We offer customers the opportunity to view properties we have completed in the area, customers are offered full portfolio examples at the time of quote.
Achievement of standards. An important factor in the growth of any business is to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved from the port of enquiry to the finalisation of the end product. Active engagement between SCR and clients are provided via an exchange of emails, a no obligation property survey, a provisional list of project attributes, a quote of the project capital costs which (if agreed upon) are followed by a mutually beneficial contract of works to be carried out. Smarter Coatings Rendering ask for a 25% deposit of works to be completed, the deposit is held securely and pays for materials and plant / access equipment that will be used throughout the duration of the project. Once works are near complete, a further 50% of the balance is to be transferred to SCR whilst the client retains the remaining 25% until the project has been finalised and client satisfaction is achieved. On receiving the final balance, the client is sent the 15 year guarantee for the façade of their property.
Our Latest Offers:
We offer a 10% reduction for adjacent properties when quoted and completed together.