Our Process

We are a company committed to our clients from the beginning to end process.  Once the project attributes are settled upon a base date of commencement of works is given.  All projects are allocated an experienced site foreman who assists in overseeing the scope of works.  As a client, you will have received a breakdown of the attributes purchased.  This, in essence is divided between days on site.  Cleaning and repairing are the primary requirements before any rendering or spray can commence.

Every client has needs tailored to their specific property depending on the gross external floor area or number of builders squares to be worked on, due to this the allocation of crew may vary in size.  Typically, they work as a two man team however, this may be subject to additional crews working alongside them dependant on the scale of the project.  Clients are entitled to the telephone number of their allocated foreman, we urge all clients to discuss the ongoing progress of works and to contact us if they wish for additional extras to be added or if there are any problem


The site foreman will have the specifications of your pending project as stated within your contract.  He will ensure your property is prepared adequately for cleaning and allocate job roles to his crew for the preparation process to begin.

Clean Down

As specified within your contract, your property is cleaned using either a power wash or biocide agent.


Localised removal of “blown” tyrolean, render or pebbledash. Cracks are ground out and filled with epoxy resin, if your damp proof course has failed and found during the repair process we are able to reinstate it using dryzone system.


The more care that is taken when preparing the property, the less time is spent clearing away. This involves only masking one elevation at a time, removing anything that we can such as garden furniture or plants and masking down pipes or aerials where necessary. Dust sheets are laid to protect paths, conservatories, vehicles and so on.

Bag Wash

The Wethertex X71 is a polymor modified micro cement that has the ability to coat concrete, wood and metal.

Primer/slush coat

PP1: This is a silicone based material which aids in waterproofing the finished product. Primer is applied by brush, roller or spray dependant on the pre-existing façade.

Intermediate Inspection

Carried out by the site foreman, clients have the opportunity to discuss their satisfaction so far.

Top Coat

Depending on the project attributes, the top coat used will very much depend upon your required needs.  The variation of Wethertex products enables us to either apply a smooth coating by roller or airless spray whilst the MP44 range is applied at high pressure with a Graco spray system.

Clean Up

BEFORE                                             AFTER!

Site surface clearance is detrimental to the near completion of the final project.  The site is left in good order with all equipment used removed and cleared.

When the project is complete, the site foreman will walk with you to view the entire works.  If satisfied, you are asked to complete a ‘sign off sheet’ where you are providing answers as to the works carried out and satisfaction of crew performance.  Once this is done, you will be contacted by our office to finalise the project.

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