Q: How much does your coating cost per builders square ?
A: The price per square will vary depending on your property type and choice of coating. All customers are provided with a free survey, followed by a quotation of all works to be carried out. The overall quote will also include any necessary repairs to the exterior of the property before the coating is applied.
Q: Is there a property near me I can view?
A: Smarter Coatings Rendering Ltd have completed properties all over England and Wales, due to data protection and the residential status of the houses we are unable to refer to them as ‘show homes’. There is a portfolio which can be shown at the survey inspection.
Q: What do you require on site and do I need to be at home?
A: No, you do not need to be at home as we work on the exterior of the property. Project attributes are confirmed before commencement of works however we do require electricity, water ad the access to be clear.
Q: What does the price you quote me include?
A: The price includes all the necessary materials and labour costs, we try not to have to hire equipment however if scaffolding is needed this will also be included. We pre-order your materials based on the calculated size of your property. Your 15 year guarantee is sent to you after settlement the balance.
Q: If my neighbour wants their house coated do I get anything?
A: Referral business is an excellent source, we pay £150 for each subsequent installation. However, if the two houses are surveyed together and completed at the same time we can provide a reduced price for the two properties. This can be discussed with both customers at the survey inspection.
Q: How do we know you will do a decent job?
A: Having over 34 years in the exterior coating and building industry, the director of Smarter Coatings Rendering Ltd spent a long time as a highly respected crew member of various spray companies throughout the UK. He has taught his crews to be respectful of clients wishes, to retain a clean working environment and to ensure a professional finish is provided at all times. Customers are invited to discuss daily updates regarding the progress of their work with crew members and are provided with a full site inspection before they make the final payment to ensure customer satisfaction has been reached.
Q: What can I expect after I have made an enquiry?
A: Once the initial enquiry has reached us either via email or telephone, one of our administrators will contact you. Usually, this is a welcome email followed by a telephone call to book the property survey. The survey visit includes measuring, photographing and discussing your individual wishes / concerns. You have an opportunity to look at the guarantee and contract, colours choices and select the products you wish to use. From this appointment, a quote is generated which is sent via email. If happy, a contract is sent for you to sign and send back. Once the deposit is paid, crews can be booked and works commence.
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